3 SPOTS IN YOUR kitchen that need deep cleaned TODAY

3 SPOTS IN YOUR kitchen that need deep cleaned TODAY

It’s so refreshing to walk into a kitchen that has no messes, dishes put away, countertops sparkling, and no finger prints on the stainless steel. A clean kitchen can motivate the heck out of me. I mean have you seen some deep cleaning before and afters? Soooo satisfying.

I recently discovered some areas in my kitchen that have NEVER been cleaned before. We have lived here for two years…grossed out yet? Lol Honestly though, I didn’t clean them because I didn’t know it was a thing. I’m guessing someone else that follows this page also has no earthly idea about them either which is why I figured I should make it known the the world about my recent discovery.

#1 Dishwasher: Theres a little gadget in the bottom of your dishwasher that twist off and looks like a filter. It probably is a filter, but I don’t want to steer your wrong, I have no idea what it’s called or what it does exactly. All I know is that it needs to be cleaned, now. I was really expecting the worse here…I figured I was going to pull out some serious gunk, but nope, what you see is TWO years of filth hanging out down there. I’ll be honest though, I am NOT one to leave food on my plates when loading the dishwasher, I rinse everything. So I’m assuming this is what has kept mine from looking worse than what it does. Some can get pretty bad and like I said…a good before and after is SUPER satisfying to me so if yours happens to be filthy, no judgement here, just please tag me (IG: @fitnesswithtaylor). HOW TO CLEAN: Fill your sink with extremely hot water + 1 dish tab & let it soak for 30 minutes then rinse.

#2: Microwave: This is a no brainer, these things can get BAD. Well, that is if you’re anything like my husband and I. We never cover anything that goes in the microwave. I know, I know. It’s horrible! It’s actually so bad my mother in-law randomly brought us one of those covers, which I feel like is the ultimate “get your shizzz together” gesture. Because ya’ll… this means she was randomly thinking about my filthy microwave and thought I needed one of those, which I do but…#ireallydoclean Anyway, it’s been two months and I finally cleaned the microwave so I can use the cover. Haha Here’s how: 1 Cup Water + Splash of white vinegar – Microwave for 3 minutes. Use paper towel and everything wipes right off without elbow grease.

#3: Vent Hood. Am I the only one that’s never taken these down and cleaned them? Because I’m SHOOK. They were total grease bombs! Imagine how fresh and clean my kitchen should smell after this. WOW, I’m doing this once a month from here on out. Game changer ya’ll, who knew it was so simple? When I took these down I had just started my dishwasher or I would have ran them through a cycle on their own. Instead, I filled my kitchen sink up with the hottest water possible, threw in a dish tab, let it soak for 30 minutes approximately and WAHH- LAAHHHH! Look how clean these babies are. I’m obsessed.

One more quick cleaning tip for the kitchen is this Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub it’s multi-use but my favorites are stainless steel, pots & pans, and the stove top. Takes all the harsh water spots and grime away while adding that vibrant shine back into your sink or other surfaces.

Hope you enjoyed these simple cleaning tips. As always, I love to see what you all are doing, be sure to tag me and use #tdgmademedoit // Happy Tuesday!

Xoxo, Taylor G.

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