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Agua Fresca-Watermelon

I think I’m totally cut out for this whole house wife thing! If theres one thing I’ve accomplished during this quarantine its making and mixing it up for dinner every night. That’s a huge accomplishment. We typically eat dinner separately with random food that we threw together out of exhaustion. We’ve also been stuck at home and craving our favorites like this watermelon agua fresca that we typically get from our favorite spot, Fruteria el Platanal 2.

With all this time on our hands, we thought why not make our own? Wow, we are blown away. It’s SOO simple and de-lish! Seriously. You’ve got to try it.

Things you will need:

-6 cups fresh watermelon
-3 cups water
-1/2 Lime
-1/4 cup of sugar (pure cane if possible)

If you haven’t already done so, cut your watermelon into cubes. Place the watermelon, the water, and the lime into the blender (we use this one). Blend for a few seconds and then add the sugar. Blend once more. All done!

We’re a house divided when it comes to a salted/sugar rim. Orlando loves it, me not so much. To do this take your glass before adding watermelon mixture, squeeze lime around the rim and sprinkle or press into salt. Enjoy! I cannot wait to sip on this during those hot summer days here in Texas.

xoxo, Taylor G

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