Mudhen Meat & Greens-Dallas

Mudhen Meat & Greens-Dallas

I cannot get over how amazing our experience at Mudhen Meat & Greens was. It made for a perfect date night before going into the Labor Day weekend. Orlando and I made reservations to check out their dinner menu and I have been super excited to sit down and share it with y’all.   

We slowly wandered in on Saturday night after capturing the perfect insta worthy sunset around the outdoor patio area. Immediately we were greeted by the friendly hostess that politely held the door for us as we made our way in.  I was taken over by the rustic charm and the open kitchen. The chefs cook right behind the counter adding a personal touch to your whole experience. 

Let’s get started with some drinks, shall we? 

Orlando and I are all about fresh pressed juices. I’m a sucker for the lemonades while he on the other hand always goes for the more extravagant flavors that are a little more risky in my opinion. The lemonade was so fresh and had the perfect sweetness. The ‘Brunch Glo’ was citrusy with a little bit of tang from the grapefruit…not to over powering though, giving it a thumbs up from me even. I was highly impressed with both our choices and will definitely be ordering my lemonade at our next visit.  

Lets Eat!

Wiltons Backyard BBQ Chicken: Grilled chicken thigh with homemade BBQ sauce and warm German potato salad.

I asked our waitress what the most popular Beautimous Bowl was and the first one she suggested was ‘Wiltons Backyard BBQ Chicken’ . I was already leaning towards ordering it, but I’m so thankful that she confirmed my decision. It was extremely tender, moist, and the most DELISH chicken I’ve had in a LONG time. The bbq sauce is made in house giving it that extra touch of goodness. Pair all of that with their German potato salad and you have THE perfect combo. I can’t say I’ve ever had German potato salad. I was a little worried about it having to much of a vinegar taste but it turned out to be one of my favorite selections of the evening. We were basically licking the plate. 

Cauliflower rice is a staple in our home. Since it’s such a versatile food it’s always fun to explore the different flavors and pairings that restaurants create. This dish had green chili pork + black beans, with avocado-tomatillo salsa. The pork was super tender and must have won Orlando over as he kept saying “this taste like mom made it” which is saying A LOT…that phrase isn’t used often. The black beans and pork had phenomenal flavor which made the whole dish come together. 


If you’re a carrot cake lover or even if you’re not…GET this cake. We added their vanilla bean ice cream to the mix and it was DREAMY. We were super impressed that it wasn’t too sweet like typical desserts…you could indulge without the guilt that typically follows all that heavy added sugar. Plus the coconut caramel gave it an additional explosion of flavor with every bite. Ahhhh my mouth is watering. LOL

Mudhen’s is THE place, here’s why…

Let me start by saying our waitress Grace was the cutest thing & took SUCH good care of us. From the very beginning she took her time to explain what Mudhen’s was all about and why we were going to love it there, genuinely creating excitement for us. You can tell she stands behind their culture and everything that they hope to bring to the table (pun intended).

With tons of roomy seating in both the main area, additional bonus room, and the outdoor patio this is a fantastic place to grab brunch with the girls, sit and talk for hours, have a relaxed date night, OR host an event/wedding!! YES, I said weddings!!! Talk about a dreamy “backyard” venue. I wish I would have known to take this into consideration when we were planning our wedding. 

“…we are not a health food restaurant, but we do offer a huge assortment of healthful options, for those who care.” -Mudhen’s Online 

Get more information about Dallas’ named best farm-to-table restaurant on their website below: 

Mudhen’s Meat & Greens 

Next to Dallas Farmers Market at 
900 S. Harwood St. 
Dallas, Tx 75201

Mon-Thurs: 11am-4pm
Fri: 11am-10pm
Sat: 9am-10pm (Brunch till 3pm)
Sun: 9am-4pm (Brunch all day)

I want to say THANK YOU to Mudhen’s for their friendly staff, incredible service, and all of the tasty food during our visit. I highly recommend taking your guest to Mudhen’s in Dallas and trying as much as you can. Of course if you’re visiting I would definitely add this to your itinerary during your stay. 

Again, ask for Grace as your waitress if possible. She made our entire experience so enjoyable! 

Hopefully this gives you an idea about Mudhen’s! If you’ve been there or you make a visit, be sure to let me know all YOUR favorites so I can order it on our next visit. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment! 

Can’t wait to share more healthy options here in DFW with y’all! If you know a place, let me know so I can check it out! 

xoxo, Taylor G. 

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