Where do I even begin? Last week we were out of town unexpectedly and it has really set us back on the laundry room renovations. I did accomplish a lot this week though and I am excited to share it with you.

We are entering week three of the One Room Challenge. This leaves us with three weeks before reveal day of our space. Eeekkk, that seems so far away, yet so close. I am honestly most excited about putting the finishing touches together and revealing the room to you all.

When you finish up here be sure to check out the featured designers and guest participants of the #oneroomchallenge. So many incredible rooms coming together week by week.

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Here is what we accomplished this week…

PROJECT #1: Smoothing out a textured wall

My first project this week was removing the texture from one of the walls that will be wallpapered. Technically there was no removal but I did spread a layer of joint compound over the texture which smoothed out the surface. This was done so that when I apply the wallpaper it will adhere to the surface more easily and also be smooth so that there are no blemishes. This also helped patch the areas where I had removed the water valve covering that had pulled off, exposing areas of the drywall.

Applying the joint compound was something I had never done before. I watched several videos and then made a trip to Home Depot for joint compound, taping knife, and a mud pan.

Since I will be replacing the flooring I did not cover or tape anything off, but I would highly recommend doing so as this gets messy. If you are a beginner like myself getting the joint compound that is pink and dries to white will be so helpful. This allowed for less error on application and also made it so much easier to know when I could move forward with primer. Once you have a good amount of joint compound on knife you will spread it across the wall followed by a parallel scraping to remove the excess compound while creating a flat even surface on your wall.

PROJECT #2: Adding Texture

The second major project this week was removing the existing shelving that had been painted over a few times. The layers of paint caused it to attach tightly to the wall making removal difficult and left some blemishes behind. To patch, I applied a thin layer of joint compound, this made the areas that I patched smooth. This wall will be painted and needs to remain textured so after smoothing out the surface I went back in and texturize these spots to make it seamless with the existing texture. Again, after several Youtube videos I decided to go with a can of spray texture as an affordable/beginners option. It was honestly so simple, but I would highly recommend taping off and covering any areas that you do not want to get texture on as it does get a little messy.

I sprayed the texture onto the wall where it was needed, let it partially dry, and then scraped it off with a taping knife which created the exact knockdown texture that I needed. I am really happy with the turn out and still shocked how simple it was. I am truly learning as I go and accepting the fact that there may be some mistakes along the way. I continue to remind myself that if worse comes to worse it can always be redone.

I know it doesn’t sound like I did much but we are also redoing the flooring in our entire house which is adding so many other projects to the list. Are we crazy? Probably. This is my husbands worst nightmare. He would truly rather be chilling on the couch in the evenings instead of ripping our house into shambles while I am having the time of my life. Lol The toughest task this week was removing the trim in order to prep the walls. It was really wedged together in the corners and I spent about an hour prying at it but it was oh so satisfying once it was gone.

Whats next?


  • Paint all walls
  • Apply Wall Paper
  • Lay Flooring
  • Install Shelving & Cabinetry
  • Order Rug & remaining decor
  • Make DIY Project (my little secret for the space lol)


  • Laying the tile flooring
  • paint all the walls
  • apply wall paper
  • install shelf

Thanks so much for following along. If you want to watch this all unfold day to day be sure to check out my home account @homewithtdg.

Until next week…

Xoxo, Taylor G.

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