One Room Challenge Week 4: Laundry Room

One Room Challenge Week 4: Laundry Room

This is by far my favorite week so far to share with you. I can’t stop obsessing over the look of our new laundry room. It makes such a statement and I’m totally here for it. If you stay around until the end you’ll get a glimpse into what the finished space will look like.

If you are new here I am participating as a guest participant for the One Room Challenge where bloggers choose one room to transform over the course of six weeks. Each week we blog about our projects and progress of the space. You can check out the other guest participants and featured designers here

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This week we accomplished A LOT! We started off with removing all the trim. I honestly thought this was going to be a super quick task but it ended up taking me an hour due to all the caulking. I then primed/painted all 4 walls. Removed the old vinyl flooring (I am so incredibly glad that it’s gone) and scraped the cement of left over glue. Please let me advise you, scraping glue from cement is not for the weak.

My brother in law then came to cut and install the new ceramic hex tile, my husband and friend put grout, and then my husband and I installed the Murals Wallpaper. Finally we finished the week off with trim and caulking.


For super crisp paint lines I used blue painters tape, then painted over it with the color original color (or the color you are trying to avoid getting your new paint on), let it dry and then put my new color on. 

I love, love, love this wallpaper that I partnered with from MuralsWallPaper but if you have never laid wallpaper like myself, I highly recommend watching as many YouTube videos as possible. I was not prepared for what I got myself into even after a YouTube video.  Ha. I almost had a meltdown applying it and although there are some minor user errors it looks INCREDIBLE! 

Listen carefully, to avoid my mistakes. Lol first things first make sure your walls are smooth by removing any texture or little blemishes, I did this in week 3. Textured walls will not work, after doing this I can promise you, do not take a short cut. Next apply a coat of paint so it has something to adhere to if not done already. Once you are ready to apply your wallpaper make sure you have laid it out and have each panel in order so that the design aligns correctly. To apply use an adhesive roller to spread a generous amount of glue to the wall where the first panel will lay. This is where you want to listen closely, the more glue the better. Seriously do not skimp out on this. If any extra seeps though while smoothing the surface it will easily wipe off with a wet cloth. I applied the glue from the ceiling to the floor and it did not dry out at all, just make sure to cake it on and take a brush to apply it to the edges. 

Once you have your glue prepped get your panel. Starting from the ceiling attach the wall paper to the glued surface. Using a plastic scraper to smooth out the wall paper avoiding any bubbles. I noticed if I was seeing bubbles after smoothing it out it was due to lack of glue. You can slowly pull up the wall paper and apply more glue but much better to apply enough the first time. 

Once you have smoothed out the panel completely you may have some excess at the bottom, I left mine until the very end (so much easier to apply baseboards after applying the paper). When applying the next panel you want to make sure that your level with the ceiling but also matching up your design. This was another error I made and the second panel was overlapping slighting. I honestly don’t know what I could have done better other than just paying more attention. Once you are on your last panel, you can smooth it out completely like all the others making a crease in the corner where it will need to be cut. Be sure to have a fresh blade on your utility knife as the paper is moist and easily tears when cutting. I aligned my scraper to the corner and cut along side it to prevent error.

That’s it. Wow it seems so much easier explaining it than it did actually doing it. Either way remember that your first time may not be perfect and that’s okay. Like I said, I made a few mistakes but the beauty of this feature wall is still INCREDIBLE and I totally look past the imperfections. 



I can’t believe we only have two more weeks left but I am also super stoked to be putting the final touches on this space and getting my home back in order. The laundry was getting out of hand. 

The upcoming week we will be doing a fun DIY project and installing cabinets, hopefully. After that it’s just decor and we’re officially done. 

Thank you so much for coming on this wild ride with me. As always if you have any questions please leave a comment below. 

Xoxo, Taylor G. 

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